Grandma Mary's Favorite Mountaintop

Although Grandma Mary now lives in Florida, her favorite place in the entire world is the highest peak of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. Grandma Mary grew up in North Carolina, and as a young girl she loved to hike the winding trails to the top of Grandfather Mountain and enjoy the spectacular view of the world below.

Her family often encourages her to purchase a cemetery plot in Florida, but Grandma Mary knows that she wants to be cremated when her time comes. She also knows that she wants her ashes to be scattered at the top of Grandfather Mountain so that she can become a small part of her favorite mountain setting.

Worried that her family may not follow her requests, Mary decides to meet with a funeral director at her local funeral home to put her cremation wishes in writing. Now that she has a detailed description of her desired arrangements on file at the funeral home, Mary takes comfort in knowing that her wishes will be followed when her time comes. She doesn't want her family to argue over what she would've wanted.

Now her family knows that when Grandma Mary passes, all they have to do is call the funeral home to set the arrangements in motion. This thought gives Grandma Mary the ultimate sense of comfort and peace of mind. And it brings a smile to her face knowing that she'll spend the rest of eternity at the peak of her favorite magnificent mountain.

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